Office - Downtown Periodontal Group

Initial Evaluation

Regardless of what your periodontal condition or need may be, every patient must first be seen for an initial evaluation. This evaluation will include a thorough medical history, a dental history and a periodontal exam. Part of the examination will include periodontal probing and radiographs (x-rays).

Often people ask about why a thorough medical history is required when they are here about their teeth or gums. Many factors such as joint replacement surgery, smoking, Diabetes, pregnancy and medications may affect the disease or treatment. It is important for Dr. Georgas to have complete information in order to safely and effectively evaluate and treat your periodontal condition.

Another concern for our patients is often radiographs. For proper evaluation and diagnosis of any tooth or bone pathology, it is necessary for us to take current radiographs. In our office, we use digital x-rays to minimize the radiation exposure and to easily allow for duplicate x-rays to be forwarded to your dentist (or to any other specialists you may require). There is no charge for these duplicated digital radiographs. Dr. Georgas recognize radiation concerns and take only the necessary x-rays as well as following all radiation protection guidelines.


If you are a dentist or other medical professional, download our referral form to refer our patients for a periodontal consultation.